Noel Wilkinson

Program Coordinator

Coordinator of Take Charge America Institute-Cooperative Extension partnership program

Noel Wilkinson is a Program Coordinator within the Take Charge America Institute who develops financial literacy curriculums, tools, and supporting resources for use primarily by Arizona Cooperative Extension System faculty and staff delivering financial literacy education to adult populations across the State of Arizona. Additionally, he takes a primary role in the training of instructors and facilitators assigned to deliver these financial literacy education workshops, supporting extension staff through troubleshooting curriculum needs and researching best practices in financial literacy outreach.  Noel began his professional career working in the higher education setting in 2013 at Weber State University. There he was the full-time advisor assigned to support college undergraduate students identified by the university as falling under at least one of several nontraditional student categories (i.e. married/divorced, student parent, or over the age of 25). Five years into this position, he was invited to also take on the role of financial coach within the newly created Money Management Center. Noel has a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Photojournalism from the University of Southern Mississippi (2008) and a MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University (2021).